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The Africa Microscopy Initiative (AMI) Program for Equipment Exchange and Reutilisation (PEER) aims to redistribute high quality light microscopes to African institutions where microscopy will have the highest impact. As part of this 1st call for applications, free high-end microscopes will be made available by a commercial partner to successful applicant institutions. Scientists in Africa who would like to apply for a donated light microscope to use in research and training are encouraged to apply.


The first call for applications of PEER is currently open and will close on 13 September 2024 at 3:00 p.m. (UTC).

  • Detailed information about the 1st PEER open call are provided in the Call for Applications document.

  • Please refer to the Microscope Information document to see the list of microscopes provided in this call. 

  • Prospective applicants will need to complete and submit the Application Form before the deadline to be eligible. To assist with this, we encourage you to refer to the additional information provided in the Application Guidelines document. Please note that applicants will need to log in to Google to access the application form. The application form can be completed over multiple sessions as progress is saved automatically. 

We encourage applicants to work together with their institutions in submitting their PEER application. The main role of the principal applicant is to work with other interested scientists and colleagues to determine the need for the microscope and ensure that the need is recognised by their institution. Applicants require institutional support to help demonstrate that the awarded microscope will have a sustainable impact.


Please see the video below for further information about the PEER initiative. Additionally, an information session will be hosted on 8 and 9 July 2024—please see details included in the Call for Applications document.

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